Pietro Alexander

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1/17/20241 min read


Pietro Alexander

Email: pietro@bhhsoakville.ca

Direct: 647-986-7192​

Website: pietroalexander.ca


I am a dynamic individual with an unwavering passion for making a positive impact in the world. Drawing from a wealth of experience, I launched my first business venture at the age of 18—a thriving digital marketing agency. Despite facing numerous challenges, I later transitioned into the real estate industry. In an impressively short time frame, I successfully built an extensive network comprising over 300 professionals, including top lawyers, developers, business owners, and investors.

I facilitated high-end transactions in both commercial and residential sectors, fostering not only prosperous deals but also lifelong relationships with satisfied clients across the GTA. Grounded in honesty and integrity, my joy lies in assisting others, aiming to be a transformative force not only in real estate but also in people's lives.